About Our Pharmacy Residency Program

Pharmacy Residency Program Purpose 2013/2014

The pharmacy residency at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital prepares pharmacists to provide patient care, teaching, and leadership as an integral member of an interdisciplinary care team. Residents successfully completing this program will be ideal candidates for advanced training in a PGY2 specialty residency or fellowship, for a clinical pharmacist position in an acute or ambulatory healthcare institution, or for an adjunct or clinical faculty position within a school or college of pharmacy.

Program description

The residency program at Memorial Hospital is a post-graduate year one clinical and administrative program that provides residents with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of therapeutics, develop problem-solving and teaching skills, and to strengthen leadership skills and professionalism. It is fully accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and is affiliated with the College of Pharmacy at Washington State University.

Outcomes of our program include:
1)  manage and improve the medication use process,
2)  provide evidence-based patient-centered medication therapy management as an integral member of an integrated healthcare team,
3)  exercise leadership and practice management,
4)  demonstrate project management skills,
5)  provide medication and practice-related education and training,
6)  utilize medical informatics, and
7)  participate in the management of medical emergencies.

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